Western & Landscape Art

The images I paint, capture moments in time. Places we take for granted. Objects we look at but don’t see because we are too busy. We go through life looking at the same things every day. We see a lone tree in a field, or a barn on a hill, year after year they blend into the background. Eventually we stop seeing them. I try and capture these things in a way of giving them a new life, seeing them again for the first time. I let the objects speak out and tell their story.

Not limiting myself to a single subject, I see everything as a potential image on canvas. I use a western theme in my work as I paint historic western subjects, and modern cowboy and western images. The horse holds a special place in our country and it’s history. I don’t paint horses exclusively, but I do include horses in many of my paintings.

I have done some still life paintings and find them a real challenge, but most of my work is landscape in nature.

Well, thanks for coming by. I gotta get going. Lot’s of work to be done before sunset. Go ahead, have a look around. If you see something you like, let us know, we’ll fix you right up.